CDECA Accredited Membership benefits include:

  1. National advertising promoting members as Professional Interior Decorators and Designers.
  2. Enhanced credibility and business image through recognition as a CDECA member.
  3. Increased marketing opportunities: our website,, lists your business online and can link to your website.
  4. Location based referrals from our membership list.
  5. Eligible to apply for CDECA group Liability and E&O Insurance.
  6. 10% discount at Hakim Optical for you and your immediate family
  7. Information on industry updates and upcoming events via access to the ‘Members’ Only’ section on the CDECA website and through email broadcasts.
  8. Professional development seminars.
  9. Participation in tradeshow events.
  10. A conduit for collective representation and lobbying on all issues of significance to the decorating industry.
  11. Communication with members and the industry through newsletter, email, regular mail and phone.
  12. Newsletters – which update all members on business issues and trends in the industry.
  13. CDECA affiliate members provide products or services to the trade and offer special benefits to members.
  14. Member excursions to trade showrooms.
  15. Opportunities to network and establish contacts.
  16. CDECA has active committees. As a member you may join a committee and have direct impact on strategic planning, event planning, etc.
  17. CDECA executives are asked speak to interior decorating program students at various community colleges.
  18. As an accredited member you will be able to use the designation of “Member of CDECA” on your business communications.
  19. Membership also includes voting privileges.
  20. Opportunity to hold a position on CDECA’s member elected executive board.
  21. Adherence to the CDECA Code of Ethics, as listed on the website, This can be used as example of best business practices in your advertising.

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